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The ultimate solution for athetics coaches looking to stand out ABOVE OTHERS with a CUSTOM resume that looks great, properly highlights your accomplishments, and could help get you in the mix for your dream job!

Can you relate to this?

It's time to apply for that coaching job you want, but you have a big problem:

Your resume stinks.

You know that lots of coaches are going to be applying for the same job, and whoever is making the hire is going to be staring at a huge pile of resumes. Meanwhile, yours is outdated, littered with grammatical and spelling errors, is super generic, and looks like it was written on Microsoft Word – the 1997 version.

On top of that, you have that sinking feeling that many of the candidates competing for the same job will have the type of resume that gets them – and not you – an interview, even if you're really the best person for the job.

If you are an athletics coach, here are the questions you need to answer today…

– Do I have a resume, and if so, is it updated? Am I ready to send it to an athletics director?

– Will my resume stand out in a pile in terms of design, or is it bland and boring?

– Does the content of my resume accurately capture my skill set and feature my impact, or does it have bland, nonspecific bullet points?

– Do I have the time and/or knowledge to do any of this?

Maybe your answer to one – or all – of those is a resounding no! There's good news…

It doesn't have to be this way. I'm Chris Clark, founder of, and I'm here to help.

As a coach, you plan for every detail on the field or court. Do not treat your career any differently! Even if you are not searching for a job right now, you never know when you may want – or need – another opportunity.

“They had a great vision and plan for how to update my resume and further set myself apart from the competition.”

- Current FBS assistant

TheCoachBridge does an amazing job with resumes. They changed my whole football resume around and got it to stand out. They cater to what you want, and I was very happy with the service. Use TheCoachBridge to get your resume done!

Coach Nafis Pickett, Georgia

The turnaround time and tech support are second to none. I'll never go anywhere else for my needs.

Current Pac-12 Director of Sports Performance


Over the years, it just so happened that I looked at a lot of coaching resumes. To be quite frank, most of them needed work. Many of those coaches were unsure of what to do or where to turn to help revitalize their resume in terms of look and content. Would theirs stand up to others when it came time to apply for that job?

I had a background in writing, had the capability to design, and wanted to help. So I did, and this type of  game-changing coaching resume was born. We traded the black and white Word document for vibrant, eye-catching designs and threw out generic bullet points in favor of impactful, well-written language that highlighted each coach's accomplishments.

Coaches I worked with in the past have spread the word, and now TheCoachBridge has helped coaches from the high school to Power 5 level and everywhere in between.

Do you want in?

 Here's how it works…

– Once you decide to work with me at TheCoachBridge, I'll reach out via email to thank you and to schedule a telephone consultation. After reviewing your current resume (if you have one), we'll go into detail into how we can make your resume awesome. I may ask you for some additional information or details along the way in order to make the content shine.

– Over the next few days, I'll then work up a preliminary custom design. You'll then approve that design.

– I'll finish up your resume and have you all set – typically within one to two weeks!

– Your resume is not finalized until you're completely happy with the product both in design and content. Once you are happy, I'll send over the completed product, which is ready to print or view on any number of devices.

– Oh, and there are bonuses, too…


That's right, you get even more when you work with!


You get to actually own the content of your resume when I send you a text copy of the content within your resume. That way, if you decide to redesign your resume on your own or if you would like to work with someone else in the future, you have it and are ready to roll.

When you order your new custom coaching resume, I'll make changes such as new jobs, new accomplishments, etc. for a one year period from your purchase date, free of charge!


Hey everyone, I'm Chris Clark, founder of I'm a sports media professional with over 11 years of experience in the field, and over the course of the job I've had developed relationships with high school and college athletics coaches across the country. Those bonds – along with what I felt was a void in certain professional resources – led me to create 

Frequently Asked Questions

Will my resume be based on a template?

Nope! Your resume will be customized in terms of look and content, so it stands out among others. I personally design and write/rewrite each coaching resume. 

Are there any additional fees?

No upsells or anything like that here. Once you order your resume, you get the product (and bonuses!) as promised.

The only addition charge you could incur is, after bonus one-year update period is up, future updates and additions to your resume are just $25/year, unless you want a complete redesign.

Can I edit my resume after receiving it?

You will not have a direct edit access to your resume, but keep this in mind:

One of the bonuses you get is a text copy of your resume content. If you ever want to stop utilizing's services, want to redesign your resume yourself, or work with someone else, you have the text contents of your resume so that you can do so.

If you have any other questions that are not covered here, drop me a line: Chris(at)!